Lord free me of myself so I can please you

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by nycgirl, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. nycgirl Senior Member

    Can someone please "re"translate this back as Michaelangelo would have said it:

    Lord, free me of myself so I can please you. (Michaelangeo)

    Grazie tante!
  2. ElaineG

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    "As Michelangelo would have said it" in the sense of Medieval Italian or just into Italian?
  3. _forumuser_

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    Good point. I'll take a shot at both (with results for you to judge...:D):

    Contemporary (formal) IT:

    Signore, liberami da me stesso affinche' io possa servirti (or, renderti omaggio).

    Real fake 16th century Italian:

    Affrancami, o Signore, dall'umil corpo,
    'ch'io meglio omaggiarti possa.

    (Deliver me, O Lord, from this humble body,
    that I may better please Thee)


    Affrancami, o Signore, da servitude a cotesto corpo, ch'io meglio omaggiarti possa.
    (....from submission to this body, so that....)

    :D :D Somebody needs some time off...

    P.S. One question: what's the archaic way to say "So that I" in EN?
  4. Victoria32

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    English (UK) New Zealand
    Simply "that I may"... or possibly "that I might" ... but I use a modern Bible translation - someone who uses an older one might have a better idea!
    Vicky :)
    (Trying to think in German at the same time - what day!)

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