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Rose and I scheduled a picnic a week ago. But today, when I asked her something about that picnic's arrangement, she forgot we arranged that picnic. She is so busy this week and totally lose herself in her work.

Is my usage of "lose oneself" correct in the context above? Thank you!

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    She was so busy... ...she lost herself in her work.
    If you want the present tense, perhaps,
    She is so busy... ...she is losing herself totally in her work.

    The way you have stated it is an incorrect usage.

    An /s/ should be added to 'lose' in your sentence but with it I would expect more from the sentence.

    When she is busy and so totally loses herself in her work, she forgets about everything else.
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    Can "She is a woman who never gives up being who she is" be paraphrased as
    "She never loses herself"?

    Thank you.


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    Okay, thank you, DonnyB!
    Is there any other expression that works with the word "herself?"
    For example:
    "She always keeps herself."
    "She always keeps her true self."
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