Lose something to the sheer size

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Does "Lose something to the sheer size" mean "lose the most of something"?

"The vitality and cohesiveness of the idea-driven BMW culture is reflected in the

company’s bottom line. From its nadir in the 1950s, BMW grew past Mercedes to become

the world’s largest premium carmaker (Vella, 2006). But that growth may also be its biggest

vulnerability.“Losing its culture to sheer size is a major risk”(Edmondson, 2006, p. 3.

Copyright2006. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.). So far, BMW seems to be meeting the

challenge of nurturing recollections of 1959 as a defense against complacency. In 2012,

Forbes named BMW the most reputable company in the world."

Source: Reframing Organizations
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    No. The bold is saying that BMW (a corporation; a business) might "lose it's internal culture" (the culture that exists among the employees of the company) as BMW grows larger.


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    Sharing a common culture takes a lot of interaction and communication. The bigger a company gets the harder it is for all the parts to maintain communication with each other. Even if they try, they might have a difficult time because it's physically and organizationally challenging. They start to develop their own ways that are different from each other even when they don't intend to.
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