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Hi, everyone.
An attorney (Holly) is going to a date with a guy, but she's having second thoughts. Her assistant (Eden), who happens to be a very good friend of hers, is trying to talk her into dating this guy.
So Holly decides to go for it and Eden goes:

"Wait till everyone at the office finds out your drought's finally over. I'm so happy, I don't even care If I lose the pool."

I guess that "Your drought is finally over" means something like "Hai spolverato le ragnatele" or "I tempi di vacche magre sono finiti". I mean, Holly haven't got a date for a long time, so she's finally meeting someone. But I have no idea what "lose the pool" means in this case. It's clearly a joke, but I could really use your help.

Thank you in advance.
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    Pool refers to a bet/wager among friends (usually in an office, or in this case a law firm). It would appear Eden has made a wager that Holly would not get a date this soon.

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    This has been discussed not too long ago, I'll see if I can find the thread. Pool here is when a group of people all put in some money together, they pool their money, each one betting against the group. The winner, the one who comes closest to guessing the right answer wins everything. Very often it's for sports events, but here she's saying that everyone in the office had different ideas of how long it would be before she finally started dating again and the office started a pool about it.

    edit: I knew AB would be the one to get in there first...:)
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