1. Henrik Larsson Banned

    In Spanish, both verbs mean "perder", but lose and miss aren't always equivalents. What's the difference beetwen both?
  2. Cian Senior Member

    Canada, English
    The word "miss" has other translations into Spanish as well, as it has several meanings in English.

    But when the translation is "perder", there is a subtle difference of intent/action. If I am missing my gloves, it means that I don't know where they are. But if I lost (past tense of lose) my gloves, it means I know they are gone, possibly forever.

    One would always say, "he missed the plane" (el perdio el avion), not "I lost my plane". To lose something, one needs to be in possession of it.

    Hope this helps.
  3. cristóbal Senior Member


    That's a good explanation, also I would say a closer translation of "to miss" is "faltar".
  4. Alice-Jo New Member

    Chile Español
    como escribo: ya te "perdi", no hay nada mas q hacer...
    nose como conjugar el verbo en ingles
  5. Mita

    Mita Senior Member

    Chile - Español
    Hola Alice y bienvenida al foro :)
    Perdí (pasado de perder) = Lost (pasado de lose)
    Ya te perdí, no hay nada más que hacer... = I already lost you, there is nothing else to do...
  6. Alice-Jo New Member

    Chile Español
    okiiiiis graciiias

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