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I have found this word in a novel about a Black Country small town. It is an embroided piece of textile, something connected with the dead and mourning.
Who can help me?
  • Redshade

    Hi Sasky.

    It is certainly an unfamiliar word to me.

    But as the novel is set in a particular region of the UK it could be a dialect construction.

    What is the name of the novel?


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    Hi, Redshade,

    the novel has not been published yet even in the UK, so I am not sure about its definite name.
    I believe it is a Black Country word from approx. 90 years ago (period after the WW I) but I haven´t found it on the Internet BC glossary either.


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    Rubyʼs Spoon, a debut novel byAnna Lawrence Pietroni,will be published in the U.S. by Spiegel & Grau.


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    Hello sasky - welcome to the forums:)

    Can you give us the complete sentence it's used in, together with the two sentences before that and the one after?

    And can you tell us what's happening in the novel at this point?


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    You have given some good context, but could you also include the sentence in which the word appears, and perhaps a sentence or two before and after?

    Edit: Loob has said it already. I'll just add: No more than four sentences in all, please.


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    “Anyone, is there,” said Annie, squinting at her sewing, “so cruel as to steal a
    basket filled of losslinen from grievers?” She laid the linen in her lap.


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    I can only provide a part of the review:
    The novel, set in 1930s England in a landlocked industrial town still haunted by the Great War, focuses on the motherless thirteen-year-old Ruby.
    The book has drawn comparisons to Thomas Hardyʼs Wessex novels.

    thank you, everybody:)


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    Hello sasky :)

    I don't know if it's useful, but I made a search for "mourning" combined with "textiles", and, among other things, I found these sources:

    Source 1 (Art of Mourning) and Source 2 (Teaching History with Textiles). Both show that special textiles were made for mourning, source 1 explaining the development of clothes in the course of the centuries. And linen as a material seems to have played an important role here. I find especially the second source quite instructive because it shows that not only clothes, but also other textile objects were created for mourning purposes alone.

    Excerpt from the text (Source 2):
    "Mourning handkerchiefs (Figure 8), as well as mourning crepe, mourning veils, mourning clothing, and other mourning- related artifacts, can be found in many museum collections. These simple handkerchiefs consist of a white linen or cotton center with a one-inch black border. Examples of hand-stitched and printed black borders can be found."

    Maybe that in the area of Great Britain that the novel is set in, linen played the major role. Just my guess.. That's what I can contribute right now :)
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