Love ain’t no walk in the park


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Please I can't understand the meaning of "Love ain’t no walk in the park". It seems that the two negations "ain't" and "no" are the raison why I'm unable to know the meaning of the expression. It's may be my first time that I come across of them in the same expression one next to another.
In the same lyrics, I found also this expression:Now everyday ain’t go be no picnic. I think if you help me to understand the meaning of the first one I could understand what the second one means.

Now everyday ain’t go be no picnic (Mm)
Love ain’t no walk in the park
All you can do is make the best of it, now
Can’t be afraid of the dark

Source: Fight For This Love Cheryl Cole
Thank you so very much.
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    It's not good English, but it is understood the same as
    "Love isn't a walk in the park."
    "Love is no walk in the park."
    Meaning that love is not easy. The same applies for the second phrase.


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    Note that walk in the park is a set phrase meaning "easy to accomplish".

    Ain't no is an emphasizing double negative. (also to make the line scan properly)
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