love and tolerance is/are the key(s)

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Hi all, I want to say that a stable relationship requires love and understanding, and have come up with different versions of a sentence:

1) Love and tolerance is the key to a stable relationship.
2) Love and tolerance are the key to a stable relationship.
3) Love and tolerance are the keys to a stable relationship.

Which of them is correct. I'm leaning towards 2 and 3, but I think "love and tolerance" maybe can be considered as one single entity, and therefore singular. "Keys" seems strange, but there are two things, love and tolerance, so "keys" seems acceptable.

What is your view on this? :)
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    If you consider "love and tolerance" as a single concept, then 1, if you treat them as two distinct things, then 2. I would go for 2 because I find them to be two different things -- tolerance is quite different from love.
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