love is <registered> in retrospect.

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I believe that parenting is sometimes so tough that you don't always remember to slow down enough to love it. Sometimes the love is registered in retrospect.

From New York Times:The Passion of Parenting

Hi, everyone!

What's the meaning of "registered"?

Thank you
  • theartichoke

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    Hello cat,

    It's close to the #6 definition for the verb in the WR dictionary:

    to have some effect; make some impression:

    The meaning is very similar to "recognized."


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    Does it mean "pay attention to"?
    Not really. To "register" something is not exactly to pay attention to it, but to recognize or realize or become aware of it. The point in your sentence seems to be that you don't love looking after your kids while you're in the middle of it. It's only afterwards (perhaps when the kids are grown up) that you look back and realize how much you loved it.
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