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Discussion in 'English Only' started by swim4life, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. swim4life Senior Member

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    We have a Chinese saying called “ai wu ji wu”, it means that when you love someone, you naturally and automatically love the thing or person that is related to them. For example, because I love my wife, I love her home city, her favorite food, her relatives, etc.

    In China, it is translated into “love me, love my dog” which is accepted by most people who know English. But I don’t think it’s correct. I understand that “love me, love my dog” means if you love someone, you must accept every thing about them, even their faults or weakness.

    But in the fist example (ai wu ji wu), it means that I love my wife so much that I love things that are related her. In this situation, my wife doesn’t force me to love things that are related to her in the first place. In the situation of “love me, love my dog”, it means that you are FORCED to love or accept things that are related in the first place…

    Do you have a saying or idiom that is close to “ai wu ji wu” in English? Many thanks!
  2. Fabulist Banned

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    I can't translate Chinese into English.

    While not used frequently, I think "Love me, love my dog" is a rural (or, as we might say in the U.S., "country") saying. It is more of a command: If you want to love me, you must also love my dog; we're a package, and I won't give my dog up for your love no matter how much you love me only.
  3. owlman5

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    I'm pretty sure that Swim4Life already understands that point, Fabulist. The question asks us to provide an equivalent for Swim's "I love my wife so much that I love things that are related to her".
  4. JamesM

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    I don't know that there is a saying. I would say "I love everything about her" or "I love anything that has to do with her".
  5. swim4life Senior Member

    Shanghai, China
    Chinese, China
    Thank you very much. "I love everything about her" is more closer to the expression I'm looking for.
  6. Thomas Tompion Senior Member

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    In BE we do say Love me, love my dog, but I don't think most wives would take kindly to its being used to refer to them. So I don't think it has quite the overtones suggested in the OP.

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