love you more than I can say


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There has two different interpretations of "love you more than I can say". The difference is quite subtle, and they're not mutually exclusive. So it is hard for me to tell which is the better one since I'm not a native speaker. I know some of you will say it depends. My question is which is better without any context given?

1. More than is mainly used to express the fact I cannot say. I love you so deep, but I cannot express my love (for reasons, maybe too shy to tell you) .

2. As its literally meaning, my love for you is beyond words. A classic instance is there has been years for an old-married couple did not say "I love you" to each other, but what they did everyday are much greater than the cheap words "I love you".

Or maybe you guys have a more plausible interpretation? Looking forward to your reply!

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    'I love you more than I can say' means that my love for you is so strong and deep that I cannot find words to express it. There's only one meaning. It's got nothing to do with shyness.
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