Loving you is cherry pie

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by SnoopyBooh, Jan 24, 2009.

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    What does it mean "loving you is cherry pie"? I mean what that "cherry pie" should mean?I've seen that cherry pie basically means "torta alle ciliegie", but in a slang context it can be also used to talk about virgins. So I guess have two choices to translates this sentence... "amarti è una cosa nuova"(because it's the first time that she's loving someone) or "amarti è una cosa tenera/dolce" (just like a cherry pie that's something sweet).

    Here's a little bit of context:
    "It don't have a price, loving you is cherry pie
    cause you know that baby, I'm your biggest fan I'll follow until you love me"
  2. arancina83 Member

    Well, I think that a guy cannot say to a girl Cherry pie, with the meaning of her virginity, because it's kind of rude - that's what I think. So, you could translate it with the meaning of dolce e tenero.
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    Song lyrics again - HERE.

    Not common or fixed, but clearly understood.

    "Cherry pie" was chosen for rhythm and rhyme (...teardrops I cry...)

    "loving you is like cherry pie"
    "loving you is like eating cherry pie" (something very nice and tasty).
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    The expression easy as pie means that something is really easy, so it could mean that "loving you is really easy", the "cherry" being inserted for rhythm, as Tim suggested. :)
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    Thanks a lot guys!!:) Flawless explanation!

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