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    I am doing some translations for a low-cost health clinic here in the States. It is not a health fair type of thing, i.e. temporary or mobile, but has a set location where doctors provide medical and dental care at a reduced cost. Am I understanding correctly that clínica strictly refers to a private doctors' practice, and not this sort of thing? If so, would centro de salud (a bajo costo)be an accurate term? Thanks for your help.
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    I think this will vary quite a lot depending on context - i.e., which country or city you are in. However, I don't think that clínica necessarily refers to a private practice only - in Mexico City you could quite easily hear someone talk about una clínica del IMSS, which is the state-run healthcare service. I think clínica de bajo costo, or clínica para personas de bajos recursos could work OK.
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    You're right, it definitely should be de bajo costo, and interesting point about the use of clínica...Thanks.

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