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When I want to say I have luck or unluck about/at/with doing something, can I say, for example, "I'm unlucky/lucky with relationships"? What I mean with the phrase is something like "I have luck/unluck when the subject is relationship". How can I use the adjective? With which word? Or there're no constructions like this with adjectives?

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    Hello alopesro.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    Here is a previous thread about the adjective form [lucky] that may be helpful: to be lucky at/with ?

    We don't use 'unluck' as a noun. We usually say that a person has no luck if things don't happen, or go wrong, or 'bad luck' when things go wrong.

    In this case, I might say "I have no luck with [men/women]" or "I have no luck in love." As you will see if you look at the link above, some people would talk about having no luck at love. I don't think native speakers would say "I have <luck /no luck> 'about' something."
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