Lugar otorgamiento de la escritura


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I'm translating a marriage certificate, and there's a section that refers to "capitulaciones matrimoniales." Below that there is a box that says "Lugar otorgamiento de la escritura," followed by notary number, etc. Any ideas? I'm thinking "place granting the deed/document," but wanted to confirm it. There's also a section called "providencias." On this one I have no idea.

Estoy traduciendo un registro de matrimonio, y hay una seccion que hace referencia a "capitulaciones matrimoniales." Debajo, hay una cajita que dice "Lugar otorgamiento de la escritura," y despues va numero de notaria, etc. Algunos sugerencias? Estoy pensando que eso quiere decir on otras palabras "el lugar que otorga la escritura," pero queria confirmar. Tambien hay una seccion llamada "providencias." De esta no se nada.
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  • Have you used the thread search function? There are several threads that use the term "providencia."

    The WR dictionary indicates that otorgamiento de la escritura might also mean execution of the document.

    Maybe a native will chime in.
    Yes, I've used the search function and read quite a few threads. I understand "providencia" to generally mean "ruling" but its uses that I've found have had a context vastly different than this marriage certificate, so much so that they don't appear to be relevant. On Monday I will call the notary and ask them to explain "providencia" in their own words to get a good translation if need be.
    Isolated words or phrases on official forms are often hard to translate properly, and an explanation from someone who is personally familiar with the form and knows how to fill it out seems to me to be the best solution.
    ¿Al fin no hubo respuestas definitivas?

    Sobre el lugar de otorgamiento de la escritura, y al considerar que "capitulaciones" se refiere a un "prenuptial agreement", ¿no podría ser place of execution of the agreement?