lui faisant hommage lige


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Still translating a text about Berengère de Navarre.

The full sentence:

[Berengère], de son côté, se reconnaissait vassale du roi de France en lui faisant hommage lige.

Translation so far:

She, in turn, acknowledged being the King of France's vassal by swearing him liege homage.
I also thought of "paying him liege homage"

I could also turn the sentence around:
"She, in turn, swore liege homage to the King of France, this acknowledging being his vassal."

Sorry for the long post!
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    liege and vassal mean the top and bottom to me - one of them is called My Liege and the other is the Vassal who pays homage to his Liege. I wouldn't use liege homage (or even vassal homage).
    Passive and active are both possible "by swearing homage to the king, she acknowledged that he was her liege and she was his vassal". The king accepted her homage which swore faithfulness to the crown.