lumbering past

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Sungbin Moon

The name of the book is "The kite runner" and while i was reading there was a phrase i didnt understand, which is

"I watched the cratered road rise and fall, whirl its tail around the mountainside, counted the multicolored trucks packed with squatting men lumbering past."

I know what its meaning of "lumbering; walking in a heavy way" but I dont get it "lumbering past."
  • Myridon

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    The trucks moved past him in a lumbering fashion (slowly and heavily, it doesn't have to be walking).


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    In case it's not clear, it's not

    trucks packed with [squatting men lumbering past]


    trucks [packed with squatting men] [lumbering past]

    The men were still; the truck was moving (past the viewer).
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