luminosa y mestiza

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  1. termes Senior Member

    It's a text about Algeria, and the title is : LUMINOSA Y MESTIZA.

    Would you just say: BRIGHT AND MIXED.

    thanks a lot
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    Hi termes, This is intriguing, but we have no idea what these adjectives describe: person, object, atmosphere?

    Right off hand, "bright and mixed" would not communicate the sense that apparently the Spanish intends to convey.

    We'll be glad to help with more information.
  3. termes Senior Member

    It means Algiers, its capital city, is a "cuidad luminosa y mestiza". Full of light and at the same time influenced by many cultures. That's the general idea. I already sent the translation but would appreciate it very much if you could translate this for me, because it'll certainly appear again in another text.
    Thanks a lot
  4. spitboy2000 New Member

    luminous and colorful -- colorful -- is not perfect but mestiza will be hard to translate. For a title, you might want to think about something less literal.
  5. walkiria Senior Member

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    Creo que multiracial podría ir bien, también multicultural.

    multiracial Aadjective1 multiracial
    made up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races; "a multiracial society"; "multiracial government"

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