Lunatic fringe

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    Hi there,

    Im really not sure about this whole phrase, but in particular the phrase lunatic fringe.

    The context goes like this:

    Yet the early polls say that far from viewing mcGuinness as the candidate from the psychopathic edge of the lunatic fringe, Irish voters are taking him seriously.

    My attempt:

    Ainda a votação cede dizem que longe duma vista mcGuinness como a candidatura dà margem de louco, os votantes irlandesas estão a tomar-lhe a sério.

    Thanks very much for the help!!
  2. artefacto_ Member

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    Ainda assim, as primeiras sondagens sugerem que, longe de considerarem mcGuinness o candidato do extremo psicopata de uma franja lunática, os eleitores irlandeses estão a levá-lo a sério.

    There are several problems with your attempt. "polls" are "sondagens"; "cede" is a form if "ceder", which doesn't make any sense here; "longe duma vista mcGuiness" means something like "far from a mcGuiness view", which doesn't make a lot of sense either; "dà" is not a word; "margem" does mean "edge", but in this context where one wants to point to the extreme political position where he stands, "extremo" is better ("margem" points more to segregation from the rest); "votantes irlandeses", not the feminine; "tomá-lo", not "tomar-lhe".
  3. Leoncita1 Senior Member

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    Thanks very much!!!! :)
  4. Leoncita1 Senior Member

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    By the way why is it not Duma franja?
  5. marta12 Senior Member

    Hoje em dia, já raramente se vês escrito 'duma'; costuma-se escrever 'de uma'.
  6. artefacto_ Member

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    Usually, in writing, "de uma" is not contracted into "duma". It's not wrong, though.
  7. Leoncita1 Senior Member

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    I have a Portuguese exam coming up soon so would you say I should write de uma instead then?
  8. Maria Leopoldina Senior Member

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    Por se tratar de política, eu traduziria lunatic fringe como "ala/facção lunática".

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