lunch break


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1.We are having our Can you call after sometime.
If i recived a call during our lunch so can i speak the above sentence.

2.if during lunch i received a call for my colleuges and i want to say that he is doing lunch and call you later so how can i frame the sentence.
  • Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    If you wish to use the term 'lunch break' idiomatically, you can say "on - lunch break". We're on our lunch break/ He's on his lunch break right now (or 'at the moment'). You can start by saying 'I'm sorry but.....'

    Maybe you do not know that the first person pronoun is written 'I'. It is simple courtesy to use the correct forms when you are expecting help with your English.

    Usually in the UK we ask if we can call the caller back at whatever time. If your practice is to ask the caller to call back, then there are various forms of request depending how polite you wish to be.

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