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What is the most suitable translation for the lunch break that you get from work, school etc?

I say وقت الغذاء but it seems like a rather literal translation.

Translate: "I only got 30 minutes lunch break" for example.

شكرًا مقدمًا :)
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    I don't know about lunch per se, but my Arabic professor usually says استراحة when referring to a (short) break in the middle of class. If I were to venture a guess I would say فسحة الغداء for lunch break.

    ُEdit: Ayed and I were typing at the same time.


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    Yes, many persons mix between غذاء (ghidhaa2) and غداء (ghadaa2), specially that the common "feeling" is that the ذ is more fus7a than the د :)

    As for the thread's question, we can also say :
    لدي استراحة ثلاثون دقيقة فقط للغداء
    أحصل على ثلاثين دقيقة فقط لاستراحة الغداء
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