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Hello everyone. This is football (soccer). I don't understand the phrase "lung-busrting" here. What does it mean?

4' Half chance for Inter! Danilo is forced to make a timely
clearance at the near post to
deny a cross from Palacio, after a lung-bursting run from deep by Kovacic. Moments later, Bale releases Jese with a ball over the top, but a return pass from the Spaniard is deflected into the Wales international by a sliding
challenge. Handanovic collects.
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    It means that Kovacic made a run sufficient to burst his lungs, but it is of course an exaggeration, a journalistic device. It tells us that Kovacic ran as fast as he could. "From deep" suggests that Kovacic's run took him from a deep position to an advanced position, so he ran a long way as well as running fast.
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