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  1. Katinkawonka New Member

    come tradurreste la frase "luogo simbolo della bellezza artistica mondiale"?
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    Ciao Katinkawonka, benvenut*!

    Ci dai, per favore, il contesto e un tuo tentativo di traduzione, secondo le regole di WR? :)
  4. Katinkawonka New Member

    Ciao a tutti, si tratta di un saggio.

    Riporto l'intero periodo in italiano:
    "La città è luogo simbolo della bellezza artistica mondiale, del mecenatismo illuminato, ma anche scenario storico di conflitti, rivalità, scontri, lotte. È come se possedesse una doppia anima, e anche il carattere degli abitanti rispecchia questa caratteristica (...)"

    Mia traduzione della parte interessata:

    "The town is symbol of a worldwide exceptional artistic beauty, enlightened patronage, but at the same time it has an historical background of conflicts."
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    Hi Katinkawonka,

    Maybe it's just my poor Italian skills, but I'm puzzled by the placement of "mondiale" in the original phrase. Wouldn't "é luogo simbolo mondiale della bellezza artistica" make more sense? This could then be translated as something like "the city is renowned worldwide for the beauty of its art," but I'm not sure that's what's meant. It might help a bit to know what city we're talking about. Paris? Venice? Did it produce beautiful art which is known worldwide, or did it bring art and artists together from around the world?
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    Hi artichoke!

    Sorry to tell you that the position of mondiale is fine the way it is, that's because it refer to "bellezza artistica" so the place is famous as being the symbol of the world art beauty (I don't think this saxon genitive is something undestandable...sorry!)
  7. Katinkawonka New Member

    Thank you theartichoke,
    the town is Venice, that produced beautiful art in the past.
    Thank you for your translation, probably it's better than mine on the aesthetic point of view. Less rhetorical.
    I'm going to think about it.

    Un saluto.
  8. Katinkawonka New Member

    Thank you for your observation giginho,
    now I have to choose...
  9. theartichoke Senior Member

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    Hi giginho,

    No need to be sorry--this is interesting! Could you please explain the concept, though, of "bellezza artistica mondiale"? I was wondering about the placement of "mondiale" to modify "bellezza artistica" only because I couldn't wrap my head around what "world art beauty" or "world-wide art beauty" would mean.

    Incidentally, another good translation for "luogo simbolo" might be "the city stands for...". But I'm not sure WHAT it stands for now!

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