lure off?

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I need help, here.

<It's tough to be lured off course by drugs. It's embarrassing to fall into swamps of addiction.>

What does this first sentence mean?
  • The Scrivener

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    Hi ddubug,

    "To be lured" means to be tempted away by someone or something.

    Fishermen use a "lure" on their fishing lines to tempt fish to come and take a bite.

    "Lured off course by drugs" is to be tempted by and to try drugs, leading to addiction and all its associated horrors. "Off course" means away from a normal life.


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    It's lured off course. I guess it means that drugs tempt and attract you - but the way they lead is off course = outside your normal path in life, in the wrong direction.
    Probably another way of saying that they lead you astray (if that can be said of things other than humans).

    Maria Ovidia

    Brazil - Portuguese
    I`m here not exactly to add anything to this thread, but just to say that two years later it has been very useful to me. I was trying to find a logical trasnlation for this expression but now I guess I had not quite understood the real meaning.
    Thansk o everybody.
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