luxury and luxurious [hotel]


Could you explain the difference between luxury nad luxuriou?
I looked them up in dictionaries. Their definitions are quite similar and I don't understand how to distinguish the two words.
Is there any difference between " I stayed a luxury hotel." and " I stayed a luxurious hotel." ?

Thank you very much in advance.
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    Hello fujisan,

    Luxury is a noun. Luxurious is an adjective. That seems like a clear and simple distinction. However, luxury, the noun, may be used attributively, acting just like an adjective.

    A luxury hotel (a noun modifying a noun) is a hotel with luxurious characteristics. It is, one assumes, expensive, well-appointed, and yes, luxurious. The difference is elusive.
    A luxury hotel is a category of hotel. A luxurious hotel is a single hotel that is very comfortable, full of expensive furnishings. The difference is that luxury hotel places the hotel in a group of similar hotels, each of which may be described as luxurious.

    English is perplexing.


    Thank you, Cuchuflete.
    >luxury hotel is a category of hotel.
    I now understand why I often see the expression "luxury hotel" in advertisement, though I don't often hear people say "I stayed at a luxury hotel."
    When I want to express I stayed at a gorgeous hotel, it is more natural to say " I stayed at a luxurious hotel.".
    Is my understandng correct?


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    Yes, fujisan. You have understood it correctly.

    In your statement, you give emphasis to the noteworthy qualities of the particular hotel where you stayed. You did not simply assign it to that class of hotels that are expected to be more comfortable and expensive than cheap or ordinary hotels.
    1. "I stayed a luxury hotel."
    2. "I stayed at a luxury hotel."
    Should we not use 'at' in this sentence?
    Is it only optional?
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