Luxury clothes are women's...


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Context: academic writing.

If I want to say women love luxury fashion very much. They spend a lot on it. They are very into it. So, if one destroys a woman's luxury clothes, she will definitely go crazy.

I wonder if there is a metaphor or word or any phrase that can represent the importance of luxury clothes to women. Can I say something like: luxury clothes are a woman's lifeblood?

I want it to be a formal one for the sake of academic writing.
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    Luxury clothes are a woman's lifeblood suggests that they're ~ fairly literally ~ what keeps all women alive, Kachibi. That might strike the reader as something of an exaggeration. (Or it might not:cool:)

    There are umpteen things you could say, from the entirely neutral Luxury clothes are the most important thing in many* women's lives to your original hyperbole.

    *I know several women who aren't in the least bit interested in luxury clothes. I also know of one or two men who are.
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