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Discussion in 'English Only' started by patchwork.doll, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. patchwork.doll

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    Nowadays, children are addicted to luxury goods.

    Nowadays, children are addicted to luxurious goods.

    My question is ''are they different?"

    Thank you.
  2. sdgraham

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    Are you referring to the children, the goods or the sentences?
  3. patchwork.doll

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    The goods. ^^
  4. ride7359 Senior Member

    Yes - luxury goods is a category of products. It is a commonly used term for items that are very high-quality or expensive versions of ordinary items, such as jeans costing $200, or a Lexus rather than a Ford.

    Luxurious goods is just a description of the items as being rich and fine. It is not used as a common term as is luxury goods.
  5. PaulQ

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    Yes, they are different. "Luxury goods" is a (subjective) category of goods including, but not limited to, things you can live without as there are more basic alternatives or you really do not need them.

    "Luxurious goods" are luxurious because they have excessive workmanship or are made of expensive materials.

    A watch may be in the category of "luxury goods" to an African tribesman - he has the sun to tell him the time to the accuracy he needs.
    A watch is not in the category of "luxury goods" to a football referee; he needs something accurate for his work.

    However, a gold watch, encrusted with diamonds would be in the category of "luxurious goods." It's function is not better because of those materials - the watch is simply more expensive.
  6. Myridon

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    "A luxury good" is an actual luxury - something desirable but unnecessary which usually means it is expensive.
    "A luxurious good" has some qualities of a luxury but it may not be expensive.
    "This rich and creamy skin lotion is so luxurious. Can you believe it only costs a dollar?"
    For most people, a long hot bath is luxurious, but for a mother with 12 children, it is also a luxury because she can't afford the time.
    Caviar is a luxury good (it is very expensive and unnecessary), but if you don't like it, it won't seem luxurious to you.
  7. wolfbm1

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    I think you can understand the meaning of 'luxurious' better when you look at its opposite 'spartan'. For example: 'a luxurious holiday resort' and 'a spartan cottage in the mountains'.

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