Más…que, menos…que, tan…como

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    I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for good in class activities (5-7 minutes in length) for practicing these grammatical concepts. The class is composed of about 8 students and they are in an intermediate college level class. I have to teach a lesson plan for part of my class and I am having trouble coming up with ideas for activities regarding my lesson. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    You could have students be in twos (with a partner) and write about a picture that you have or that they bring in. They have to compare the person to themselves. Examples: Gwen Stefani has more money than us. Gwen Stefani is shorter than us. Gwen Stefani is older than us. Gwen Stefan has the same hair color as Sally. You could have them create a story if you want to.


    You could have the students make comparisons with each other. Bob is older than Sally. Sally is younger than Bob. Bob is the same age as Pablo. You could have them write their examples down to the class.

    I am sure there are other people that have ideas. Have a nice day.
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    thank you!

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