müssen gesetzt werden

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  • gaer

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    Could someone explain to me the meaning of "muessen...gesetzt werden." and such other sentence structures?

    Thanks a bunch!

    "muessen...gesetzt werden."=must be placed.

    "Meiner Meinung nach müssen in dem obigen Satz Kommata gesetzt werden."
    "In my opinion commas should be placed in the above sentence."

    But they don't belong there:

    Wer ist Deiner Meinung nach der beste Fußballspieler der Welt
    Who in your opinion is the best football (soccer) player in the world?

    When "werden" is used in such sentences, it has the meanin of "be". It is the way passive structures are expressed in German.

    If you open a thread about passive, we can help you there!

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