mętny wzrok


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Wondering exactly how to understand this collocation, as for "mętny" we have in the SJP both, "o oczach, spojrzeniu: pozbawiony blasku", and "wyrażający niepewność lub niepokój".

There's a chorus in a hip-hop song that runs,

"Pod blokiem wystarczy jeden rzut okiem
Na betonowe ściany pełne okien
Tubylcy patrzą mętnym wzrokiem
Rzeczywistość niełatwa, to historia oparta na faktach" (Killaz Group, "Pod blokiem")

Does it just mean that the locals have sad-looking eyes devoid of life, because they are worn down by this "rzeczywistość niełatwa", or is there a suggestion also that they look threateningly or menacingly at the observer?
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    "Mętny wzrok" is lifeless because of various reasons, for example, one is bored or sick or has enough of something.


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    I believe in English the expression is 'fishy eyes' (or fish eye), but this probably falls within your second guess better, and overall I think I would agree with zaffy
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    When somebody has got "mętny wzrok", it might mean this person is helpless, depressed, shocked - especially all of these at the same time.