1. blondiegreeneyes95687 New Member

    us - english
    my boyfriend would call me that as a nickname when I would be kissing on him. I was never sure what it meant, but he would laugh when he said it.
  2. verence

    verence Senior Member

    Madrid (Spain)
    Spain (Spanish)
    It must be a Latin American use of the word, because I don't know what this can mean in this context. "Mañoso" or "mañosa" means "skillful".
  3. blondiegreeneyes95687 New Member

    us - english
    he is Mexican. Maybe they use it differently. Thanks for your help though :)
  4. _artyk_ Senior Member

    Málaga, Andalusia
    Spain, Spanish
    It's a spanish word too, not only for latin american. The meaning it's like "skilled/skillful"
  5. verence

    verence Senior Member

    Madrid (Spain)
    Spain (Spanish)
    Well, I didn't say that it was a Latin American word, but a Latin American use of the word. ;)
  6. gatogab Banned

    I've always used 'mañosa/o' as whimsical, fanciful, fussy. It's the first time I read 'skillful' translated as 'mañosa/o'.
    I mean, I was sure that 'mañoso/a' was a synonymous of 'caprichoso/a'
    ¡Mira tú!
  7. _artyk_ Senior Member

    Málaga, Andalusia
    Spain, Spanish
    mañoso/a it's not the same as caprichoso/a.

    mañoso involve a skill
    caprichoso has a complicated explanation: look at this
  8. blondiegreeneyes95687 New Member

    us - english
    Thanks for the help. I tried to look at that part that said, "look at this", but it's all in spanish and I don't know what it said :) Thanks though! He would tell me it meant dirty minded, but he lied about a lot of things so I wanted to be sure... thx
  9. EastCoast

    EastCoast Banned

    District of Columbia, USA
    US, Spanish & English
    Mañoso has two key meanings: que tiene maña (skillful); que tiene mañas (resabios, vicios o malas costumbres).
  10. gatogab Banned

    :thumbsup: íAhora si que sí! :)
    Thanks, EC.

  11. Priss

    Priss Senior Member

    Ecuador/ Spanish
    "Mañosa".. tal vez en este caso se refiere a alguna manera en especial como beses a tu novio.. tal manera es "una maña tuya", es decir una costumbre en la forma, el estilo en que lo besas.
  12. Tonks-23

    Tonks-23 Senior Member

    Argentina Spanish
    Hi peolpe!

    I'm surprised with the translation of "mañosa" as "skillfull". Here in Argentina we use it to describe someone fussy. It hasn't got here a very nice meaning, someone "mañoso/a" tends to be annoying.
    But if your boyfriend says it to you it must means skillfull for sure.

  13. gatogab Banned

    ¿Será a lo mejor, 'manía de besar'?
    Es decir, que tiene una manera (manía) de besar muy particular.
    It could be?
  14. torcuatogemini Senior Member

    Español, México

    Pareciera que mañosa tiene diferentes connotaciones, según la región. En México nunca la he visto aplicada para definir a una persona quisquillosa o caprichosa. Y aunque soy mexicano, no comprendo el sentido que quiso darle aquel individuo. Pero sospecho que pretendía alabar su forma de besar.
  15. blondiegreeneyes95687 New Member

    us - english
    thanks for the help so far. I don't really know spanish so some of your answers are over my head, but thankyou still :)
  16. I hear it at work from Guatemalans and Mexicans to mean someone with bad habits. It also seems to mean someone who goes around , to and fro , not really doing anything, but appears to be busy. When I questioned a Costa Rican friend, he said it means "flirty" to him. When I asked about the meaning that I had associated with it, he agreed that his experiences with Mexicans bore this out. I work in concrete, and often rush about with a clipboard. A foreman of another crew often ribs me by saying that I am "mañoso".
  17. fsabroso

    fsabroso Moderadiólogo

    South Texas
    Perú / Castellano

    About "mañoso(a)", in Peru, we have different meanings for this word:

    - boy/girl who cry for everything.
    - picky people.
    - people with excessive sexual behavior (DRAE, see #5)
  18. Santiago Jorge

    Santiago Jorge Senior Member

    English, USA
    I have heard Mexicans from the central western coast up to the northwestern part of their country use a form of the word in this way, «Tiene una buena maña», meaning the person had a nack for something, was skillful, was able to do something successfully and easily.

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