ma bourgeoise pute


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Hi All

In English we say "dirty bitch" slightly jokingly, almost ironically, It's not a harsh as it sounds. That said, it is too much for the above?

"My dirty posh bitch".

What do you think is a good translation in which case?


  • syrita

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    Here it is:

    Tu apparaissais avec un vase bleu contenant trois brins de forsythia en fleur et une flûte de champagne dans la main droite. Maman te souriait en secouant la tête. Tu lui soufflais « Pour ma princesse » et parfois tu ajoutais encore plus bas « ma bourgeoise pute ». Maman fronçait les sour‑ cils : « Tais‑toi. »

    They had a happy marriage (and sex life) at this point. He was working-class, she middle-class...


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    Yes, no problem with the meaning anyway, so I guess that "My dirty posh bitch" is fine.

    (I mean, sometimes "ma bourgeoise" can be slang for "my wife", but in this sentence it would not at all fit with the rest of the sentence.)


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    I think it gets the right idea across, but I don't think you need 'dirty' as well as 'bitch'. For me just 'my posh bitch' would be better, the addition of dirty makes it less natural, plus both adjectives are modifying bitch in the same way so the word order seems odd both ways (posh dirty or dirty posh).


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    'dirty bitch' is well known to say you are into sex. You can even say it to a man. Like 'cochonne' I think? 'My bitch' is what rappers call their girlfriends so not sure that works lol.
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