ma guarda un po'

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by VanessaW, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. VanessaW Member

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    In dialogue if someone said "ma guarda un po' " would that be translated at "now look here..."?

    or "hang on a minute.." is something you say when you're pausing for thought?

  2. gilmerton86 Member

    can you tell us the context in which it was said?
  3. VanessaW Member

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    It's in Fango by Niccolo Ammaniti.

    A girl has just received an answerphone message that reveals that a friend doesn't want to come to a new year's eve party. But her boyfriend has picked up the phone and it has recorded the boyfriend and this other girl talking.

    "Carina! Veramente carina! penso' Giulia versando la schiuma da bagno nella vasca, ma guarda un po' 'sta stronza. E poi che e' tutta 'sta confidenza con Enzo?"

    I've translated it as " Hang on a minute bitch, what's all this closeness with Enzo?"

    Is this on the right lines?
  4. gilmerton86 Member

    this is something Giulia is thinking about her friend. so I would suggest "what a bitch" instead of "hang on a minute bitch" because she is not talking directly to her friend, right?
  5. VanessaW Member

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    It seems as if she's talking directly to the answerphone if she was there in person kind of. So does that make a difference?
  6. chura Member

    "ma guarda un po'" doesn't refer to a pause you make for thinking about something... (i'm not sure i understood what you meant by pausing for thought)
    in an absolute meaning, i would translate it as "it's incredible"... it's like she is saying "look what this bitch is capable of doing"... something like that...
    does it help, or it's just more confusing?
  7. gilmerton86 Member

    if this is the right interpretation then yes... the translation you previously proposed would be correct!
  8. pescara Senior Member

    Another possible translation: Can you believe that bitch?

  9. chura Member

    I think that's the right translation :thumbsup:
  10. VanessaW Member

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    That's the one I've chosen...thank you very much :)
  11. Einstein

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    Other possibilities for ma guarda un po', maybe not suitable here but just to give a general idea of how it's used:

    Well, well, well!
    Well I don't know!
    Would you believe it, the bitch!
  12. winegrower Senior Member

    All the above suggestions are very correct and useful, I just wanted to add that according to the wordreference dictionary, guarda un po' means "fancy that!"
    Where are you moderators?

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