1. oak47 New Member

    Bourg en Bresse
    France, French
    Comment peut-on traduire en anglais, ma poule, où ma cocotte. Merci de me répondre si toutefois cette expression existe.
  2. citrouillefr Member

    United States, English
    sweetie, honey, my love, baby/babe
  3. sylvie38

    sylvie38 Senior Member

    France - French

    D'après mon dico "Bilingual Dictionary of Today's Slang" :

    "alors, ma poule ? -> Hey girlie / lady!
    "ma poule" -> my sweet-heart
    "pas touche à ma poule" -> keep your paws off, she's my bint!
    "une poule de luxe" -> a high-class hooker

  4. Broff Senior Member

    The use of a vernacular would depend of the context and the time period, Babe is a safe translation.

    Do you have the whole sentence?

    Take care!
  5. oak47 New Member

    Bourg en Bresse
    France, French
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    Take care.

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