ma3duul of ismu faa3il معدول اسم الفاعل

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    As salam 3alaykum,


    Was wondering if someone could give me more examples of this pattern fu3alu (diptote), that according to grammarians retains the meaning of the ismu al-faa3il while undergoing this morphological change.

    عامر / عُمر
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    The pattern فُعَل is called معدول (what could be translated "modified") from اسم الفاعل and is used in proper names. The most common case is عُمَر, from عامر the اسم فاعل of the verb عمر meaning "to live long". Other known examples of such proper names are:

    زُحَل (Saturn), from the اسم فاعل of the verb زحل that could mean: "to be far". (Saturn was considered the farthest planet before discovering Uranus)

    جُحا (some pronounce this name جِحا), name of a humorous character, from the اسم فاعل of the verb جحا.

    قُزَح the controversial name that some say it's the name of a demon while others say it's the name of an angel. It's from اسم فاعل of a verb which root denotes a mixture of colors.
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    Thank you again for your very precise response.

    I gather from it a very important information: this ma3duul pattern is restricted to an ism al 3alam name of place and people, etc. (i.e. angels, jinns), I have never found this information anywhere else. Thanks again.

    And I was just able to find my old notes on that, an from those all that I can add to what you said, is that the famous pre-islamic idol, هُبل is also on the same pattern.

    The case of قُزَح seems to be quite fascinating, It sounds like it deserves a new thread.

    Once again, I am grateful that you shared your knowledge.

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