Macedonian: поможе vs помогне


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Was wondering what the difference between these two verbs are. I've never heard the поможе/поможува and a quick google search also seem to show a lot fewer hits compared to the помага(помогнува)/помогне variants. Most hits seem to be Russian.

I found the word on which I frequent quite often, and therefore i have a follow up question. How useful/accurate is this site?

Thanks in advance

  • Awwal12

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    Most hits seem to be Russian.
    Which is curious, because it's not even a Russian word. I checked it through a random Italian proxy (because Google is sensitive to the country it detects). The results in Russian mostly refer to the Polish "Pomorze" or are simply repeating typos ("поможет" or "поможем" with the last letter accidentally missing); however, there is also a huge mass of results in Ukrainian.