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Hi everyone,

I'm translating an apostille in Macedonian for a friend (am a speaker of Russian myself) and everything seems clear, except for this sentence:

Снабден со печат на своj печат

Normally this is rendered in English as "bears the seal/stamp of X," where X is the name of the organization issuing the document, but I can't find any references to any bodies here.

Anyone has any ideas what that might mean?
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    If I understood correctly, you are translating from Macedonian, right?

    That sentence(it seems an incomplete one) makes little sense and has a rather strange wording, it translates to something like:

    Supplied with a seal/stamp of his own seal/stamp

    I suspect that originally the text was in another language and was likely translated by software or someone with a lack of practical experience with Macedonian.
    If you can post the whole apostille or a larger excerpt of the relevant part I possibly can provide greater help. If that's against forum rules you can PM me.


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    Hello! Thanks for your reply.
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