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  1. cr00mz Senior Member


    I want to know how would some of these sentences be translated to Macedonian. In English (and Swedish too) with the words before/after you can use the simple past.

    After I ate I went to bed.
    I went to bed before I ate.
    Before I came home...

    Posle/Po jadev (Pred dojdov) does not sound right. I tried using google translate but it give nothing right.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Christo Tamarin

    Christo Tamarin Senior Member

    You thought in English which was wrong in this case. Please think in French:

    Après le dîner, je me suis couché.
    Après que j'ai mangé, je me suis couché.

    По вечерата си легнав.
    По тоа што jадев, си легнав.

  3. Gnoj Senior Member

    По вечерата си легнав.
    Откако јадов си легнав.

    Откако јадов си легнав.
    Си легнав пред да јадам.
    Пред да дојдам дома...
  4. iobyo Senior Member

    Bitola, Macedonia
    Just confirming.
  5. cr00mz Senior Member

    Follow up question.

    Пред да дојдам дома, to me sounds like "Before I come home". Which is different from "Before I came home". The first one has has a future tense perspective to it, in that you imagine or think what you will do before you come home. Or am I wrong?
  6. Gnoj Senior Member

    Things aren't like that in Macedonian. Think of "пред да дојдам" as "before (me) coming home".

    Ќе купам пуканки пред да дојдам дома = I'll buy some popcorn before I come home = I'll buy some popcorn before coming home
    Купив пуканки пред да дојдам дома = I bought some popcorn before I came home = I bought some popcorn before coming home
  7. cr00mz Senior Member

    Would this be correct?

    Ќе купам пуканки откако да дојдам дома / (откако да добиам пари)

    Купив пуканки откако дојдов дома. / (откако добив пари)
  8. Gnoj Senior Member

    Not quite.
    Ќе купам пуканки откако ќе дојдам дома.

    The second sentence is correct.
  9. cr00mz Senior Member

    Can you say "otkako doagjam" - "after coming" instead of "otkako kje dojdam" - "after (I) will come"?
  10. Gnoj Senior Member

    "Откако доаѓам" has a completely different meaning. It means "(ever) since I've been coming" or "since I've started coming/visiting...".
    But you can say "штом дојдам".
  11. cr00mz Senior Member

    @ Gnoj

    Thanks for reply. Also perhaps a bit off topic, but is it possible to use present but meaning future things, like in English? "Tomorrow I am coming home..." something something. "утре доаѓам дома" or must it be "утре ќе дојдам"?
  12. Gnoj Senior Member

    Yes, you can use "утре доаѓам" instead of "утре ќе дојдам", just like in English.
  13. cr00mz Senior Member

    Another question on this topic, is it possible to say по јадење отидов... and something something. It is a direct translation of "after eating", or does it have some other meaning?
  14. 123xyz

    123xyz Senior Member

    Skopje, Macedonia
    It should be "по јадењето", with a definite article, but otherwise, yes, and it means "after eating".
    Otherwise, "отидов по јадење" in fact means "I went to get food" and the "по" doesn't indicate a temporal relationship; rather, it indicates purpose. I suppose you weren't referring to this usage with your example.

    P.S. In the example sentences above where it says "јадов", that should be "јадев".
  15. cr00mz Senior Member

    Then I wonder, what is the difference between по јадењето and Откако јадев?

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