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Can someone explain to me the difference between dosta and dovolno? They both mean enough, no? Are they just synonyms?
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    When доста means 'enough', it has the nuance of 'as much as you want', sometimes 'more than what's needed' (1). So by extension it is also used to mean 'a lot' (2) and 'rather, quite' (3):
    1. Доста ми е! ('I've had enough' ~ 'I'm fed up'); доста е речено ('enough has been said' ~ already more than what was needed).
    2. Има доста грешки во овој есеј. ('There are a lot of mistakes in this essay').
    3. Ова е доста тешко, зарем не? ('This is quite hard, isn't it?'); синоќа се вратив дома доста доцна ('last night I returned home quite').

    (2) can usually be replaced with многу, and (3) with прилично when you might need to use a more bookish word.

    Доволно, as an adverb, always means 'enough' and had the nuance of 'as much as needed ~ sufficiently'. Compare also the adjective доволен ('sufficient').

    Тој е доволно стар да го разбере тоа. ('He is old enough to understand that').



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    Can you change the last example dovolno with dosta? the old man is old "more than what is needed" to understand whatever is being understood.


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    "Доста" commonly means "enough" only in short and simple sentences like "Dosta!" (Enough!) and "Dosta e!" (It's/that's enough).

    In longer and more complex sentences it ("dosta") usually means "a lot", "many", "very", "much", "very much" etc. In those cases it can also be replaced by "мошне" or "многу":
    Тој е доста/мошне/многу добар музичар = He is a very good musician

    But if you want to say "enough" in longer sentenced, you would most definitely use "dovolno":
    Имаме доволно храна за цел месец = We've got enough food for the whole month
    Имаме доста храна за цел месец = We've got a lot of food for the whole month (maybe too much or more than enough)
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    In quantity:
    dovolno - enough to satisfy,a quantity sufficiently to satisfy
    dosta - enough or - more frequently -> more than enough, many/much, a lot...

    They are not synonyms, I would say