Macedonian: happen


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I have a question about the word happen. I have come across 3 words in Macedonian that translate to the English word happen and I want to know what the differences are.

1. стане
2. стори
3. се случи

The first 2 I have heared spoken, the last one i have seen only in texts.
  • Vulcho

    I think "стане" and "се случи" both mean "to happen", while "стори" is a synonym of "чини" and "направи" meaning "to do/make". But there may be some peculiarities in Macedonian with which I'm not familiar.


    Yes, and as you mentioned, "стане" is more casual, while "случи" is more formal. Both can be used in either spoken or written language:

    Нищо не е станало = Нищо не се е случило = Nothing happened

    Стори/Струва on the other hand has three meanings:
    1. "To cost" for example: Колко струва? = How much does it cost?
    2. "To seem": Стори ми се, че... = It seemed to me, that...
    3. "To do": Какво да сторя? = What should I do? (This is now archaic)


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    "Стане" is not used in Macedonian as a synonym for "се случи" as often as in Bulgarian. "Стане" is more like "to become + noun" or "to get + adverb": get rich = стани богат, become a doctor = стани доктор). While "стори" is "to do/to make" as Vulcho already said, "се случи" is straight forward "to happen".