Macedonian: Pol vs Polovina

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    Can someone tell me the difference between Pol and polovina they both mean half if I have understood correctly, but they seem to be used differently.
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    I don't know Macedonian, but my guess is that the same thing is in Russian. "Pol-" can be used only as a prefix with other nouns (and not only nouns), whereas "polovina" is an independent noun.
    Am I right?
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    Bitola, Macedonia
    Пол[а] is used to denote half a quantity of something or a quantity and a half of something in expressions like часот е девет и пол ('it's half past one'), пола[а] кило[грам] сол ('half a kilo of salt'). Половина can technically be used in this sense (пола/половина саат/час), but the contracted form is much more common. Половина is a noun; првата половина од 2013 година ('the first half of 2013'). It can also refer to the middle back (ме боли половината) and, figuratively, the waist or figure: таа има тенка половина ('she has a slim waist'), таа има убава половина ('she has a nice figure').

    In compounds, полу- is a prefix used much like the English 'semi-' (полукруг, 'semicircle'), 'demi-' (полубог, 'demigod') 'half-' (полубрат, 'half-brother') and probably others as well.
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    What is the difference between Пол and Полa, is it perference, or does it have something to do with masculine and feminine?

    Would this sentence be correct? половината од нас (The) Half of us.

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