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    The dictionary lists time machine, but I am looking for machine time or machining time, the time it takes to run a machine for the production of an article.
    Do you understand this by the simple inversion of the two characters?

    I have also noticed that this dictionary proposes as a verb 用机器生产/用机器加工, but I have also found 机械加工, though I am not tempted to use it as in English the participle is used as an adjective.

  2. zhg Senior Member

    Chinese could say 单件时间 It's the abridged form of 加工单位工件所需时间
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  3. nic456 Senior Member

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have been thinking and I have to confess that my description is not precise. Machine time/machining time can refer to a single piece - for which I like your suggestion - as well as an entire production series, e.g. to fulfill an order. In general, it means that the machine is in use and not idle, though the precise expression would then be machine running time. Naturally, any company is interested in maximum machine running times to get the most of the money invested in a machine that will sooner or later become obsolete. How do you like 机加工时间?
  4. zhg Senior Member

    Your suggestion is good.It sounds perfectly fine to me
  5. nic456 Senior Member

    :) 太好了! 谢谢!

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