machines that have an acceptable calibration result

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  1. alaitz_82 Banned

    Maybe a silly question...

    "máquinas cuyo resultado de calibración ha sido aceptable."

    "machines that have acceptable calibration results."

    If I would say "machines that have an acceptable calibration result." would it seem like if I were speaking about the same result for all the machines??? or that each machine has its own result.

  2. Biffo Senior Member

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    Logically there is no difference. "Acceptable" is presumably precisely defined. Even if the different machines had different numerical results, they are all the same in terms of "acceptability".

    Or haven't I understood the question?
  3. alaitz_82 Banned

    I wonder that either I use plural or singular I make reference to different results fot each machine or if I use the singular I seem to make referece to a single result for all the machines. Thanks you.
  4. Wandering JJ

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    'Machines that have an acceptable calibration result' or 'machines that have acceptable calibration results' are both fine and indicate that each individual machine in question has an acceptable value - even if the value is different for different machines.

  5. alaitz_82 Banned

    Thnak you, very clear explanation! ;-)

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