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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Miss_VB, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Miss_VB New Member

    canada, french
    I was talking with a friend of mine (she speaks english and i speak french) and we were talking about somebody and my friend told me : He's macking on you...or something like that! What does it mean exactly? Thanks!
  2. QUIJOTE Senior Member

    Maybe your friend meant "mocking you" which would be like ridiculing you. I think.
  3. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Hello Miss VB,

    It would help if we knew what the context of your conversation was. We could guess all night and not come up with the correct word!
  4. remosfan Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Macking is slang for a guy hitting on a girl (i.e. making advances) and that might fit the situation here.
  5. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    I agree with remosfan. When a guy is "macking on" a girl, it means he is flirting with her in order to ask her out on a date. This can have positive or negative connotations.

    "Don't mack on her, man!"
    "Because she's my baby sister. Leave her alone!"

    "Last night, this really cute guy starting trying to mack on me."
    -"Really? So, what happened?"
    "I told him yes, so we're going out on a date next week."
  6. jess oh seven

    jess oh seven Senior Member

    UK/US, English
    it's a phrase that young people sometimes use, mostly in North America, to refer to being flirted with. "he was macking on her" = he was flirting with her.
  7. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    The very north... like Canada...? I've never heard it before this thread. Venus, you seem familiar with it, though.
  8. la grive solitaire

    la grive solitaire Senior Member

    United States, English
    Neither have I! Here it's "putting the make" on someone.
  9. te gato

    te gato Senior Member

    Calgary, Alberta
    Alberta--TGE (te gato English)
    Noooo..not Canada..(I mean Alberta)..
    I have never heard it either...

    Here it is 'putting the move on'...

    'Would you believe..He put the move on me last night!'..
    'We have a date tonight'..

  10. Amityville

    Amityville Senior Member

    English UK
    'Macking on' sounds bad - it has other resonances, (don't you agree ? ) Can hardly imagine it being done with soft lights and music. 'Coming on to' I suppose could sound bad too, but being used to that one, it sounds a bit subtler to me. Do you only say macking on when the person being macked on doesn't reciprocate ?
  11. garryknight Senior Member

    Kent, UK
    UK, English
    Hi Miss VB, and welcome to the Forums. :)

    It helps us to help you if you use meaningful subject lines, rather than just "What does it mean...". As moderator, I've taken the liberty of changing it to "Macking on you". Thanks for your future cooperation.
  12. jess oh seven

    jess oh seven Senior Member

    UK/US, English
    i used to hear it a lot (and probably use it...) when i was at an American high school in the mid/late nineties... maybe it's more of a high school kid kind of term. i can't imagine many adults would say it... :)
  13. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Yes, it does seem to be a young person's term. I checked with my "young person in residence" and he knows it. He says "macking on" is the same as "hitting on" girls. I had no idea. A term we mature individuals (old people :D ) are not privy to.
  14. touaregsand Member

    Los Angeles
    Korea and America/ Korean and English
    I've never heard it before this thread.
  15. Kevman Senior Member

    Phoenix, Arizona
    USA English
    Hello, old thread! :)

    Ever since I first heard this verb some ten years ago I've thought that "macking on" someone meant actually making out with or necking with someone.
    Has anyone else ever heard it with this particular sense, or am I crazy? :rolleyes:
  16. amateurr

    amateurr Senior Member

    Could you help me figure out this word? On the show Ugly Betty, a girl comments, "My brother is totally macking on your girlfriend." "Macking" is what I hear but there's no such word in the dictionary. So I'm pretty sure it's a mishearing on my part. Any possible alternatives that may sound similar to "macking"?

    Thank you!
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  17. bibliolept

    bibliolept Senior Member

    Northern California
    AE, Español
    To "mack on" is to "hit on," to make advances on someone romantically, to make a pass on someone, to try to charm someone, etc. It suggests an aggressive and self-sure approach.

    EDIT: It's hip-hop slang; it would be understood by most younger people. Many older people might not understand it, and it certainly is informal.
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  18. Imber Ranae Senior Member

    English - USA
    "Macking on" seems to be modern (American?) slang for "flirting with". It must be a fairly recent coinage, seeing as I had never heard it before and had to look it up (at, no less) despite being relatively young (25).
  19. kitenok Senior Member

    I can add one more anecdotal datum here - when I was in college in Tennessee in the early-mid 1990s, this expression was common and widespread. I don't hear it much anymore, but perhaps this is only because I have settled down a bit...
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  20. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

    Another Country
    English English
    Never heard of it:mad::D
  21. Gwan Senior Member

    Indre et Loire, France
    New Zealand, English
    I've never heard it either (and I'm not *that* old :)). My first thought was that maybe your friend said he's "cracking on to you" which I would understand as 'hitting on you', but as established, it seems 'macking on' is used at least in the US.
  22. Franzi Senior Member

    Astoria, NY
    (San Francisco) English
    It was common in my high school (northern California, 1996-1999), but I rarely heard it in college. I still hear "mac daddy" all the time, including on tv, but I don't think white, suburban teenagers use "mack on" so much anymore.

    Yes, it just means "to hit on" someone.

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