Macrons (ā, ē, ī, ō, ū)

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    Hi how would you translate the word "macron" into French? A macron is a long above vowels. If you have Latin in school, maybe you know the word Rōmānus/Rōmāna (means in French: Romain[e]). And you'll find it in Latvian place names, such as Liepāja, Jūrmala etc.
    You can also use macrons in phonetic transcriptions (IPA), there're ā, ē, ī, ō, ū
    And how d'ye call it in France?

    And what about the German ‹ß›? We Germans say ‹Eszett› like s (say es) and z (say zett). E.g. How would you spell it in French:
    S-t-r-a-ß-e ? (means in French: rue)

    Please help!
    Nobody's perfect — I'm nobody!!! :D
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    We call it "macron".
    we call it "Eszett" :D
    Straße would be spelled :
    Esse - Té - Erre - Ah - Eszett - Euh
    But probably you will have to tell :
    - Esse
    - Té
    - Erre
    - Ah
    - Eszett, vous savez, la lettre allemande qui ressemble un peu au beta grec
    - Euh

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