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Hello everybody!

I'm reading a manga and I don´t know what a sentence means.

There is a conversation between a boy and his girlfriend. They are talking about a guy who is bugging them and she says:

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    Hi Jadeite,

    I understand explaining the context for a sentence from a manga is difficult but your question sentence can be interpreted in several different ways. Would it be possible to provide some more information to help us translate with more accuracy?

    In any event, the sentence is literally, "I think X is still okay." Ambiguity arises with the unmentioned subject of "be okay" (tentatively marked X) and the two meanings of mada (still).

    Mada can be either the "still of time" or the "still of comparison." So the sentence can imply;
    1. X is still okay (but will be worse as time goes by). OR
    2. Things can be worse than X/We could have something worse than X.


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    Some possible answers could also be :
    -"wouldn't it be OK to wait a bit more [for/to do that] ?"
    - "Can't you wait a little"
    - "can we let some time go/pass before doing this"

    this is a kind of idiosyncratical idiom difficult to render without precise context.
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