Made by Hand and similar expressions with the same meaning

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I need your help to better understand the semantic meaning of "handmade" and "made by hand".
They have the same meaning, but if I want to stress the fact that a certain product is really made with hands, probably "made by hand" is more correct...
I'm referring to knitwear made with knitting needles and not with knitting machines... that's why "made by hand"... or even better "hand-knitted"?
Could you please give me your opinions?
Thank you so much!!!!

P.S. It's my first time on the forum, I hope this time this forum is the right one....... :)
  • Linkway

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    You need to provide context and a full sentence.

    Basically, they do mean the same, but a writer might prefer to use one rather than the other, depending on context and the desired emphasis.

    Personally, if I wanted to emphasise it as a positive quality, I might prefer to say "These delicious cakes were all handmade in my grandma's kitchen".

    Contrast that with: "In rural India, mud bricks are often made by hand with children working under the burning sun for 12 hours a day".

    Perhaps that's just a stylistic distinction I would make - definitely not a rigid rule.


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    Thank you very much Linkway, your explanation is clear enough... It was my feeling and you confirmed it!
    Anyway, I'd like to emphasise that this garment is handmade and therefore it is more precious of another one....

    Thank you again! :)
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