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While I was reading an english text I found this phrase: "I made no such request..." Is it a right way to phrase it? Because I learnt that the way to make past negative is: didn't + infinitive.


  • xqby

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    English (U.S.)
    Yes, the construction is correct. I think the "such" is what causes it.
    The more generic "I didn't make any such request" sounds rather odd to me.

    Ian Curtis

    Español (ES)
    But even I made no request (without such) would be right, wouldn't it? It's a form they don't usually teach in English classes, but it's very common in daily use.


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    עברית (Hebrew)
    I'd say it's pretty common...
    The question is, is it grammatical? Or is it just a colloquial form?

    I said no such thing / I didn't say such a thing
    I made no such promise / I didn't make such a promise
    I had no intention / I didn't have any intention
    He had no money / He didn't have any money
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