made of good ones


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All depends on your character and ethics, if you are made of good ones, you will see that friendship between men and women is possible.

I'm not sure if "made of good ones" is the best choice of words.
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    To be picky: the first comma needs to be a period. "If" starts a new sentence (in English - different rules in different languages).

    I agree "made of" sounds awkward. Usually we talk about "having" character and ethics, not being made of them. I would just replace "made of" with "have".

    One more minor thing. It is more idiomatic for your first "All" to be "It all". The phrase "It all depends on..." is common in English. The "It all" means "everything" or "all".


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    I see what you mean, Forero ... but I see it differently. For me ethics is a countable noun, or it is at least an uncountable-noun-teetering-on-the-very-brink-of-being-countable*. I have one character, yes; and I have [a set of] ethics, yes; but that set of ethics is made up of 'individual' ethics ~ one ethic for 'treatment of my fellow man', another ethic for 'treatment of animals', another for 'business' ... etc.

    *I rarely describe nouns as 'countable' or 'uncountable': I prefer to use 'degrees of countability':rolleyes: