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Hi. Has anyone heard a new Madonna song named Sorry? Madonna sings przepraszam and it sounds wrong (for example the last a doesn't have a squiggly thing underneath, so you'd say am, not om as Madonna does). Thanks, or should I be sorry !
  • Hi there,
    I haven't heard it yet, but just wanted to confirm that the last A doesn't have a squiggly thing underneath so you're definitely right it should be pronounced as Am not Om.
    BTW - I want to hear it now, never heard 'przepraszam' in an 'ąm' version:)
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    Hi :)

    I have just heard it and I've thought there's no Polish word in it but listening out for the Polish word in the track hearing it once again, I make out Polish przepraszam, though, IMHO, it has three mistakes in it, the first one is as you pointed out Madonna pronunces przepraszom. Secondly, she accents the last syllable przepra'szam, whereas the accent is on the second one prze'praszam, this is quite understandable since non-natives saynig words in foregin language tend to carry over intonation and some phonemic subtleties from their mother tongue. Furthermore, pronuncing the word Madonna divides it into two parts:
    prze pra'szom which sounds as two separate words. The correct pronunciation is given by Sandra, I think you would put it down this way:

    Hope this sheds some light on the problem,;)
    przepraszam - yes in a polish it means sorry, but I know the true I know what kind of language Madonna wanted to say and sad in that part of song words.. it's ATSIPRASAU (In Lithuanian it means sorry). I'am Lithuanian and I speak Polish to, and I'am sure its in Lithuanian - Atsiprasau, and be sure it realy isn't przepraszam.. Peace !

    sorry my bad,just dreaming about something and made a little mistake, she sad - išeik prašau - (in lithuanian it means leave me) Its really in lithuanian but not przepraszam or in other language.its amazing how she spoke these words , so correct

    our š like in english sh (she;shoes;sure)